PE Floating Breakwater

Floating breakwater based on a PE floater to reduce waves.

Stable breakwater performance through the combination of multi-room float(PE) pontoon and concrete block with Scotra's know-how.
High-functional floating breakwater : easily and economically installed, permanently or temporarily availability, movable and reusable on inland water, port sea and off-shore.
Securing the stability of the calm state for aquaculture farms, sea-ports and offshore solar power facilities.

KETEP Project air-view

Floating PV Modules and PV System
for Marine Environment Application

Scotra Floating Breakwater System (patent pending)

Special Feature

01Excellent cost-effective

Applying cost-effective Scotra Multi-room Floater to achieve economic feasibility

02Eco-friendly marine technology

Adapting non-elution pollution-free poly-ethylene (100% recycling)

03High-functional assembling

High assembly strength with secure combination of hexahedral elastic modules

Construction Outline

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Construction Outline
  • ·Synergetic function with lower Multi-room floater pontoon and upper concrete balance block
  • ·Combination container method for buoyancy, stability and inertial freeboard, resistance against wave
  • ·Adapting water-running chamber for efficient water-breaking
  • ·Target performance of PE combination floating waterbreak (Ct)

Wave-passing ratio of container, energy reduction ratio (Ct)

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Wave-passing ratio of container, energy reduction ratio (Ct)
cycle (Ts) under4 sec 0.4
cycle (Ts) under 6 sec 0.6

Outline of Facility

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Outline of Facility
PE assembly module and combination of container
  • ·Module : Scotra bulkhead-type PE Multiroom-floatRead more
  • ·Container : Continuous combination of hexahedral elastic modules
  • ·Installation Concept of Scotra floating waterbreak
Mooring system for floating waterbreak
  • ·Applying catenary mooring for stability and resonance managing