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SCOTRA starts construction of Korea's First Hybrid-type Floating PV system! - In Hapcheon Dam with 41MW scale, Completion is scheduled in 2021

The ground-breaking ceremony for Korea's First Hybrid-type Floating PV Plant that can efficiently operate hydro-electirc and Floating PV power generation was held at Hapcheon Dam (101MW Hydropower generation scale) located in Hapcheon, Gyeongnam on December 18. 

Scotra's structure-type Floating PV system equipped with great safety and durability will be applied to the construction of 41MW scale Hapcheon Dam

 Floating PV Plant that is ordered by K-Water (Korea Water Resources Corporation) and constructed by Hanwha Q Cells. 

At Hapchecon Dam x-x-x-x-where has 35meter water depth, Scotra has previously completed installation of World's First Commercialized Floating PV System in 

this hydro-electric dam (500kW) in 2012. And when the construction of Hapcheon Dam Floating PV Plant gets completed, 

It will set a new record beyond the existing 25MW Goheung Namjeong-ho project which is Korea's largest floating PV plant installed by Scotra at the moment.

Following the Pilot Installtion in 2020, Hapcheon Dam Floating PV Plant is scheduled for completion in 2021 and toal cost of 92.4 billion KRW will be put x-x-x-x-into the project. After completion, It will produce annual electricity that can be used for 60,000 people for household use. 

It can also reduce 30 tons of fine dust and 26,000 tons of greenhouse gases annually.



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이전글 Scotra has been selected as a SMSs R&D excellence company.
다음글 Completion of Hapcheon Dam Floating PV system 1st Phase (2.5MW)